The FRESH Team is highly qualified, motivated, market-oriented, scientifically trained and interdisciplinary.

FRESH relies on transparency and exchange

FRESH is always looking for new technologies to become even better.

FRESH also follows new technological paths. The closed water cycle with its biological purification is unique and future-oriented. The FRESH Farm in Völklingen (Germany) represents top European research in the field of fish farming in closed cycle systems. Each of the four fish pools has a water volume of 1,800m3 and allows for a stress-free breeding of fish in unique freshly-caught quality. The system was awarded as finalist in the German Innovation Award 2014.

The large saltwater pools have a water volume of more than 1,800m3. The daily fresh water requirement to compensate for evaporation and removing fish, is less than 1%.

By 2017, 100 percent of the power used will come from renewable energies.

The water is always crystal clear and free of toxins.

Each saltwater pool is a closed water cycle with biological purification

The fish farm in Völklingen is a centre of innovation.

FRESH promotes applied research

FRESH places great importance on the expansion into other areas of sustainability and on networking with research institutes.


FRESH constantly drives innovation.

FRESH continuously optimises the use of resources. FRESH saves energy with innovative energy management.  The total power consumption is planned to be 100% from renewable energies by 2017.

FRESH Know-How Transfer

The FRESH LAB, directly adjacent to the fish farm, is available to students and researchers from the fields of biology, technology or business management within the framework of projects supported by FRESH. A modern conference and training centre on the premises of FRESH encourages the transfer of practical knowledge from research and teaching and is available to all interested parties.